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Quality Managament

Our quality management system underpins the good quality materials and satisfactory standards of construction and consistently maintains our products and services within defined parameters of the contract.

Implementation of quality management system is essential to the achievement of consistent quality that certain processes in the different stages of construction and/or the application of commercial products must attain.

Our quality management system describes who accepts responsibility for ensuring that the quality management system is effective and updated from time to time. It also describes the responsibilities of personnel, and/or provides an organogram. The responsibility, authority and interrelations of administrative personnel, technical personnel, personnel who manage, supervise, perform and verify work, is defined and documented. Top management support provides evidence of its commitment to quality management.

Implementation of quality management system is essential to the achievement of consistent quality that certain processes in the different stages of construction and/or the application of commercial products must attain.

Site control is done via testing of materials and workmanship. Frequent testing ensures the delivery of a quality product to the client. Not only is this to the benefit of the client but it also creates a database for any future queries which might arise. All testing on site is in accordance with the relevant specifications and the testing is also be done by our on-site laboratory as well as approved commercial laboratories.

Regular on-site inspections are conducted at critical milestones in each project chedule. Inspections are conducted against integrated checklists. Inspection results are analysed and appropriate corrective action shall be initiated where necessary.

Information regarding the Customers perceptions of company products/services is gathered by means of the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire. This is done either by mail or in person. If by mail - they are sent out with the invoices and can be returned by fax or retrieved at subsequent personal contact with the stomer wherever possible. Alternatively an Executive Committee Member or delegated contractor may interview a Customer telephonically or in person and fill in the form immediately.

Indirectly, analysis of Customer complaints may also be used to predict Customer Satisfaction. Refer to operational procedure: “Customer Satisfaction”.

For staff training, assessments are conducted upon completion of the training by the trainees.

All vehicle or machine operator permits are reviewed annually to determine validity and thus to ensure timeous renewal so as to minimise down time.

Procedures are implemented and documented to ensure that construction activities and materials that do not conform to specifications or requirements are identified and controlled to prevent the unintended use or delivery. The quality management system describes the procedures adopted to identify and prevent nonconforming construction activities and materials from being used again, or to ensure that nonconforming construction activities and materials are rectified.

Documented procedures for the prevention and ready detection of sub-standard construction activities and materials and for timely and positive preventive or corrective action are established and maintained.

All records that demonstrate that the quality management system is operating effectively and that finished product conforms to its specified requirements are maintained.

We conduct regular audits on our plant, subcontractors and commercial suppliers in order to ensure good quality construction activities and materials.

The company is at all times sensitive to socio-economic needs of the population that it serves, and from time to time commit a portion of its profits to worthy social projects, e.g. bursaries, donations, sponsorships and so on. However, our participation in socio-economic developments and development of small enterprises is not to conduct transformation or development just for the show, but rather to "create real substantial growth and change".

Our performance with regards to construction charter’s seven pillars i.e. ownership, management control, employment equity, training and skills development, procurement, enterprise developments and corporate social investment has put us at Level 2 (LEVEL2 B-BBEE Contributor) over the years.